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Let's Talk Sugar

 by Rachel Gebaide

Parent 2 Parent - Let's Talk Sugar

Let’s talk about sugar. Did you know that the average American consumes about 115 pounds of sugar and 35 gallons of soda per year? That’s a tremendous amount of sugar to put into our bodies. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and throughout the day we lose all that water. Most people do not replenish with water, which should include half your body weight and is so beneficial for flushing our systems and ridding the deadly toxins from our bodies. Instead, people consume soda after soda. Dr. William Sears, a renowned pediatrician, calls soda “Diabetes in a bottle”. There are 22 teaspoons of sugar in every can of soda. Do you know what that does to our kids? Besides having a high level of Phosphorus and decreasing the calcium from our bodies, it raises the blood sugar level at a ridiculously high rate. Sugar is more damaging than all other narcotics combined and causes dozens of unhealthy symptoms:

Dental deterioration | Diabetes | Hypo/Hyperglycemia | Candida overgrowth | Hypertension | PMS | Enlarged liver and kidneys | Increase of uric| acid in the blood and the list goes on and on and on!!

Did you know that sugar suppresses the immune system and that cancer cells feed off of sugar? Not to mention the addiction that goes along with it. This is a reason why there is so much sickness today. It is necessary to keep your body in an alkaline state for your body to fight off sickness. If you body is in an acidic state, sickness will breed.

The sugar industry takes these natural God given products, like sugar, flour and rice (anything WHITE) and strips them of all their goodness—the vitamins, minerals, nutrients…..GONE!

What can you do as a parent to keep your family healthy? READ LABELS! Sugar lurks in everything out there. All items with HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP- don’t buy it! This is a refined sugar, is very cheap to produce, it’s in everything—cookies, cereals—some cereals are up to 50% sugar. This is not a good healthy breakfast to start our kids’ engines in the morning. Think of our bodies as a machine and the food we put in it, fuels our bodies. Let your kids know the benefits of eating fresh fruits and veggies, drinking water and what it does for their bodies. This will produce healthy bodies and healthy minds.

There are fabulous natural sweeteners on the market. Agave- which comes from cactus, contains vitamins and minerals and has a low glycemic index—so it is absorbed slowly into the bloodstream. Stevia- balances blood sugar levels, helps with digestion and has NO glycemic index and no calories that diabetics can use it, but it remains one of the most unrecognized sweeteners in the US. You have to be proactive in your family’s health. Go fresh when you can; substitute fresh fruits and veggies, for sugary snacks. Encourage drinking water in your home.

Try going a week without buying sodas or other sugary items. Stay away from artificial anything, that stuff is even worse than sugar. Little by little you can improve the quality of life for you and your family. After all, we love them so much and it is our duty to teach them what’s right.


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