Why You Should Outsource Your Food Service Operation

Outsourcing your food service operation

Corporations, camps, schools and healthcare facilities are looking now more than ever so increase the quality of their food service operation. What is driving this trend? People being more conscious of what they are putting in their body and food service companies that are more specialized and offer the client a variety of options for outsourcing to professionals. The expertise provided by the food service companies allows for a successful client/vendor relationship.

Tastebuds Food Service and other food service companies are focused on the specific needs of the industry in which they are in. Whether it is camp food service or corporate dining, companies are becoming committed to their niche in the market. This creates food service companies that are very well versed and have greater insights into the issues that the hiring company is facing. This allows for an even better experience and a customized approach to the needs of the food service industry you are in.

Outsourcing the food service operation to a proven and trusted partner is a smart decision for a variety of reasons. Some fall under the financial realm while others fall under the overall quality and peace of mind when it comes to camp food service. By replacing relatively untrained and expensive labor with far more productive experts in the field, you will drive up quality, while reducing your stress levels involved in managing the food service operation at your camp.

Food Service Operation

Here are some more reasons to outsource:

1. Expertise: You may not realize it, but your Food Service operation is highly complicated and ever-changing. Your campers and staff fully expect your dining facilities to offer nutritious and well-balanced food while taking into consideration dietary restrictions and allergies. Providing a dining experience that is fulfilling and exciting will radiate through your entire camp.

2. “New" menu expectations: Staff and campers are more informed than ever about being health conscious. They expect food that’s tastes good, but they also value nutrition. Menus must be specifically designed around the camp traditions and values as well as the facility and operational capabilities. Many food service operations provide mostly processed, pre-packaged foods with long shelf lives. Using a company that provides well trained professionals takes the art of culinary planning and preparation off your plate and increases the quality of the food served at your camp.

3. Peace of mind: This is truly a simple but powerful idea. Camp food service is a huge part of the success of your camp. Many Directors can give you insight into what they have gone through regarding the food service operation, and it’s not always good. Hiring a food service company to run the operation will take it off your plate, free up your time and help you avoid many headaches in the future.

4. Customize your relationship: Unlike an in-house functionality, camp food service companies offer their service for hire in several ways. Menu planning, food offered or served, purchasing of food, buying local, recipes used, personnel hiring, personnel training, kitchen management, complete control or minimal control. All are important options for effectively serving your camps needs and allowing us to handle these responsibilities creates and effective relationship between the food service company and the camp.

5. Operational efficiency and accountability: Like all others, your company/camp has an organization chart that outlines both responsibility and accountability. If you've kept your food services function in-house to date, then look at the chart. Ultimately, the most senior person who has responsibility for food services is NOT a trained food management professional. Would you think it true for any other department, particularly with one as costly?Unlikely.

Overall, you should choose a company who is highly recommended and well experienced in your specific type of food service operation. You should feel comfortable with them and confident that they will work with you and your ideas ensuring they work operationally, meet all applicable regulations and deliver a superior dining experience. There are simply too many solid reasons for you to outsource all Food Service responsibility. You have knowledgeable, dedicated, well-trained and experienced alternatives to consider. After all, peace of mind and operational success has no price.

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