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Strategies For Success

We put an exceptional focus on customer success. Tastebuds Camp Food Service Consulting views customers as partners and takes significant pride in consistently beating the highest expectations and delivering a setup for success. Our team is passionate about camp and we know that a successful food service operation will impact your future growth.

We are experts with vast experience solving camp food service challenges including menu planning, procurement, equipment, kitchen build out, staffing and compliance. We leverage our 20 years of experience by gathering your camp food service project details based on your needs, developing budgets and goals, and putting together a plan that will set you up for food service success.

Defining Your Goals

Setting goals is an important part of choosing the direction that's right for your camp and its food service. Camp Food Service is often overwhelming, especially while trying to manage all other aspects of the camps operations. Sooner or later, you will need help from the experts.

A dedicated Account Consultant will meet with you to discuss the different approaches and service options available. Once we have all the information that we need, we will begin to put together a food service plan based on your goals. We will work with you throughout the process to make sure that your camp is set up for culinary success. 

🗹   Improve the overall nutrition / quality of your food.

🗹   Expand your menu to include specific dietary food restrictions.

🗹   Offer a greater variety of menu items and meal options.

🗹   Get help with procurement and purchasing.

🗹   Get help with staffing and training plans.

🗹   Create unique camp specific items that make your food service special.

🗹  I need a complete food service package.


If you would like us to refresh your current menu or build you a custom menu from scratch, your dedicated account manager will work with you and our Certified Kids Food Specialists to create a healthy, balanced and nourishing menu that is unique to you and your camper's needs. This process covers all special dietary restrictions, evaluation of food providers in your area, optimization for the reduction of waste and recipes to accompany all menu items.



Tastebuds has over 20 years’ experience hiring food service professionals for camps just like yours. Based on our inspection of your camp’s Kitchen and Dining Facilities, along with our discussions about menus, recipes and attendance numbers, we will determine how many chefs/cooks/assistants/managers your camp will require. We can provide our own staff to service your camp and take care of everything for you. However, if you would like, we can also recruit new staff for your camp, including interviewing, background screening, training etc. We can also manage your new staff during your camp season.


Our executive team will work with your leadership to determine an appropriate food budget for your camp season. We can also develop customized daily menus for your camp, which include recipes and quantities for every meal optimized for waste reduction.

Once we have determined the best menu and recipes for the camps budget, we can set you up with a system of executing the ordering, prepping for meals and final production of your food. Your knowledgeable account manager will be available for any real time questions that you may have.


If you choose to have our team fly to your location, we will spend some time inspecting your current kitchen and dining facilities. This will help us determine how much food can be prepared properly for each meal and the best way to serve it. We will review the current status of your smallwares, equipment and overall setup. We will also take inventory of your silverware, cutlery, plates, bowls, serving utensils, cups, drink dispensers, food warming stations, cutting boards, etc. We will test all cooking and food storage tools to ensure everything is in good working order and make sure that you have the equipment that you need.


Let us help you make your camp season a culinary success.

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Our Mission:

To promote health and wellness through the delivery of quality food and peace of mind for both camps and parents.

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