Promoting health and wellness through the delivery of quality food and peace of mind for both camps and parents.

We’re happy to present our team of professionals who really love camp.

We use everything within our reach to keep each other focused, motivated and always learning.

We are Passionate. We are Inspired. We are Tastebuds Food Service.

Larry Gebaide

Founder and CEO
Larry received a degree in Business and Finance from NYU. He married his wife, Rachel, and joined her in business and pioneered Tastebuds Catering in 1995. He took on his first summer camp in 1996 and was the chef. Slowly he built the business to provide the full culinary services it currently provides. In 2006 he formed this company, Tastebuds Food Service. Larry takes great pride in providing quality non-institutional foods to camps, schools, and medical institutes across the USA.
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Alex Lagios

Director of Operations
Alex joined the Tastebuds team in 2010. He is responsible for business operations, utilizing strategic approaches and technology to create efficiencies throughout the company. He brings years of operational experience to the table and helps drive company growth. During the off season, he lives in Poland with his wife and daughter. He has a passion for being at summer camp that keeps him returning to the United States each year to service camps in beautiful locations.
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Chris Gebaide

Food Service Operations
Chris received training and worked as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic before joining the Tastebuds Food Service team. Chris has years of chef experience under his belt in catering and is well versed in all aspects of the kitchen. He leads Camp Food Service Operations and is deeply involved in Tastebuds Food Service production and execution of its services. He prides himself on upholding high standards for all the clients we service. He attended camp as a kid and always enjoyed his summers.
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Dr. Marla G.

Director of People and Community
Dr. G serves on the company board. She received her degree in chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic and runs her own practice. Marla is in charge of HR and Compliance and helps to keep a high standard at Tastebuds. She practices family chiropractic in Centreville, VA.
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Diana Rodriguez

Executive Chef
Diana wears two hats during the camp season. She is both a Head Chef in the kitchen and also serves as a Lead Food Service Director. She received formal training and a degree from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Florida. She always brings fresh ideas to the camp menu and truly enjoys giving the kids her best each year.
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Tastebud’s dedication to quality ensures that each camp’s food service is not only exciting and abundant, but also cost-effective, nutritionally balanced and delicious. By remaining steadfast to the core values established in 1991, Tastebuds continues to meet, surpass and re-establish higher standards for what Summer Camp food should taste like.

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