Quality Food and Peace of Mind for Both Camps and Parents


We know how important it is to serve nutritious and delicious meals at camp. Our scratch cooking approach to food production has been developed and refined over the past 20 years through experience. We pride ourselves on our high quality food, professional staff, personal connections and happy campers. We am to provide solutions to the culinary challenges that summer camps face.

We have always believed that meals shared at camp can create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. As experts at menu preparation, food procurement and kitchen management for camps of all sizes, we are well-known in national camp circles for providing real food with a personalized and friendly approach. We are able to manage your entire Camp Food Service operation tailored to your needs, ensuring that your next camp season is a culinary success!


 We realize how important food quality, taste and preparation is to a happy, healthy, and energized camp community. Tastebuds Food Service brings the goodness of home cooking into camp life, making happier campers & staff by redefining what “camp food” means. Our methodology of food preparation stems from our combination of routine hygienic practices, comprehensive nutritional planning, utilization of ingredients available, and a knowledgeable staff to execute processes. We pride ourselves on keeping a very clean work environment, performing a thorough cleaning of kitchen and cookware upon arrival to camp. When camp is over, we always leave the camp kitchen in immaculate condition. We realize that some campers and staff have strict dietary needs and we are more than equipped to handle these situations. We tailor our food service staff training to the safety guidelines we have established to meet the demands of each camp partner.


 When you think of “camp”, you think of a fun, nurturing environment where positive habits, social skills and memories can take root. If you've ever known someone who has missed out on any of those because of a dietary restriction, then you know how limited they can feel. With Tastebuds Food Service in command of the kitchen, recipes and food preparation are comprehensive to fulfill any culinary requirement. We are delighted to handle those special culinary needs within camp so you can focus on keeping camp, camp! We enjoy fulfilling the experience for each camper by including everyone on healthy and tasty meals. Our learned ability to adapt remains an integral part of our operation's success, as we are familiar with the following dietary restrictions:

Vegetarian  |  Vegan  |  Gluten Free  |  Dairy Free  |  Nut Free  | Religious Food Choices | Food Allergies and more!


Tastebuds Food Service continues to lead the industry with its focus on knowledgeable and customer service driven staff. We consistently absorb wisdom in the kitchen from staff members who've enjoyed camp as either a camper or counselor themselves before joining our production team. We encourage the sharing of ideas through teamwork so our staff can always continue to grow. Regardless of duration in the industry, we continue to train each staff member through our virtual training program as well as through hands on training programs in order to ensure food service knowledge and Tastebuds' core values are at the forefront of our service.

We love what we do and it shows. Let our family of dedicated food service professionals join your camp family for an amazing camp season and discover why Tastebuds Food Service is the optimal long term food service partner!


"Tastebuds has been the food service at Camp Wise since the summer of 2012. The quality of the food service has made a significant positive impact on the camp experience for over 600 campers and 160 staff each summer".

- Camp Wise | Madell JCC


"Tastebuds is a great company to work for. The family feel is there as well as the professional. I was able to represent the company as the Sous/ Special Diets Chef at one of the summer camps this year. It was an experience I will never forget.".

- Virginia Bushee | Sous/ Special Diets Chef