The Complete Camp Kitchen Package


Our team of knowledgeable and experienced Chefs are among the many things that put us in a league of our own. Staying true to our core values, our focus has always been to deliver not only delicious food and great service, but nourish our youth and staff at camp. Our goal is to supplement the memories and personal bonds developed at camp with the idea that camp food is something to look forward to.

We believe that a great meal shared with new and old friends creates memories that can last a lifetime.


✓  Do you just want to improve the overall quality/nutrition of your food?

✓  Do you have food service challenges that you need help overcoming?

✓  Do you have a lot of pack-outs, trips or special events?

✓  Do you want to expand the offerings for campers and staff with dietary restrictions?

✓  Does your camp adhere to particular religious food choices?

No problem!

We have lots of experience customizing and executing food service plans. We will gather all the necessary info from you as we build a strategy for your upcoming camp season. This creates a setup for success, mapping out the moving parts into a thorough food service package that will give you peace of mind.


We believe in providing well-balanced, tasty and nutritious meals. That is why our aim is to eliminate as many processed foods as possible. That starts with encompassing fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats and healthy fats such as canola and olive oil in our food preparation. Since variety is exciting, we believe in rotating our menus so there is always something new and fresh to look forward to. We enjoy educating our youth about eating healthy and take pride in bringing a fresh approach to your food service!

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