5 Ideas for Awesome Camping Foods

Camp Foods: Awesome Ideas for Your Next Overnight

Summer is the time go out in the wilderness at camp and enjoy new friends and new experiences. You know what that means? It’s time to enjoy time with your friends and some healthy camp foods that you might not normally think about. Many camps offer overnight trips off premises where campers get to experience the outdoors. Furthermore, here are some prep items and essentials needed for the best healthy campfire cooked foods around. From breakfast to desserts, gourmet camping meals can be cooked and served just outside your tent flap with only a few basic cooking tools, like specialised knives from thebladeguru and campfire stoves. So round up your favorite spatula, a Dutch oven and a few ingredients, because this list is exactly what you need to enjoy a few nights under the stars with your friends.

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 Camp Foods1) Banana S’mores: Trade in the campfire classic for this healthier — and dare we say, tastier — version. It’s a versatile dessert you can modify with your own favorite toppings. We recommend trying fresh fruit, peanut butter or even oats. Doing away with the graham cracker crust gives these s’mores an extra dose of ooey-gooey goodness. (via Tablespoon)

Camp Foods

2) Chicken and Potatoes: This is a match made in campfire heaven. With all the bacon and creamy flavors and textures, the green onions add an extra dash of freshness to this delish dish. (via Pillsbury)

Camp Foods3) Roasted Beets: For those of you who’ve never roasted a beet before, think of it kind of like a baked potato. The end result is much redder and juicier, and will stain those happy faces bright pink if you aren’t careful. (via Food.com)

Camp Foods

4) Apple Pie Packets: These packets of joy are just as good as apple pie, but waybetter for you. Not to mention, much easier. For a healthier version of this delicious treat, swap the butter and sugar for maple syrup or throw in some oats for extra goodness. (via The Country Cook)

Camp Foods

5) Campfire Blueberry Orange Muffins: You almost have to have the whole family involved with this just because it’s so different. Plus, you need someone to eat the inside of the oranges first. (via Apron Strings)

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