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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

 by Rachel Gebaide

Parent 2 Parent - Let food be thy medicine

I am a mother of four and have worked in the food industry for the past 34 years. I have always strived to keep things as natural and healthy as possible. Being aware of the growing food epidemic that is prevalent in this country, my mission is to share information and empower you to make the necessary changes to take responsibility for you and your family’s health. Parental support and involvement are the key to successfully establishing good health habits in children of all ages.

Like Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine”.

1. Shop the perimeter of the supermarket where the meats and fresh fruits and vegetables are; stay away from the center isles which contain “convenience” foods. These are refined and processed; they keep us fat and unhealthy containing sugar, trans fats, preservatives, dyes and other unnatural ingredients. More important, they lack enzymes and enzymes are what keep all our systems operating properly.

Try to substitute “fresh” snacks for those you would ordinarily buy as “boxed”. If you have young children, make a nibble tray. You can use a mini muffin tin or anything with compartments. Cut up a variety of bite sized apples, bananas, carrot, peas, corn, grapes etc. Make it colorful and fresh.(The stuff that gives color to your food is the same stuff that provides nutrients to your body. They are called phytonutrients) Leave it there and throughout the day your child will graze on these healthy choices.

2. Planning is a very important part of eating correctly. When the right foods are available, it’s a lot easier to stay on task. Keep fresh baby carrots, cut up celery and apples around to snack on and add a bit of almond butter, it’s yummy. The almond butter has half the saturated fat, less salt, 8 times the calcium than peanut butter and has the most protein.

3. Smoothies are great breakfast foods, they are fast and nutritious. Freeze your ripened bananas and blend them with yogurt or soy milk and fruits like blueberries, which are great for reducing cholesterol. Try fresh pineapple or papaya, which are packed with digestive enzymes and aide greatly in good digestion. You can sneak in some romaine lettuce which is packed with nutrients and the taste won’t change and still be palatable to your kids.

4. Get a juicer. Juicing is the easiest way to get a jump-start on the recommended 9 - 13 serving of fresh vegetables and fruits. A tasty combination would be carrots, celery, cucumber, beets and apple. This combination is packed with nutrients and would start yours or your child’s day with a bang. Not to mention, this simple glass of juice will leave you feeling satisfied for hours without the ups and downs sugary cereals provide.

Good health is not an accident, it takes a lot of time and devotion, but the payoff is definitely worth the work!

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