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Rachel started in the Food Service industry back in 1984 in Hawaii and has always had a passion for family and food. She remains steadfast in educating our youth on healthy food choices. Larry and Rachel have built a business in Tastebuds Food Service that is focused around delivering quality food and peace of mind for both campers and staff.

Let Food be Thy Medicine

 by Rachel Gebaide

Parent to Parent - Let food be thy medicine

I am a mother of four and have worked in the food industry for the past 34 years. I have always strived to keep things as natural and healthy as possible. Being aware of the growing food epidemic that is prevalent in this country, my mission is to share information and empower you to make the necessary changes to take responsibility for you and your family’s health. Parental support and involvement are the key to successfully establishing good health habits in children of all ages.

Like Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine”.  Read More ⇨

Let's Talk About Sugar

 by Rachel Gebaide

Parent 2 Parent - Let's talk about sugar

Let’s talk about sugar. Did you know that the average American consumes about 115 pounds of sugar and 35 gallons of soda per year? That’s a tremendous amount of sugar to put into our bodies. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and throughout the day we lose all that water. Most people do not replenish with water, which should include half your body weight and is so beneficial for flushing our systems and ridding the deadly toxins from our bodies. Instead, people consume soda after soda.   Read More ⇨

The Reality of Food in High Schools

 by Rachel Gebaide

Image result for food in high school

Over the last seven months, I have spent a good deal of time around local High School here in Florida. It saddens me to see the way these kids are eating. It’s no wonder that heart disease, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol are prevalent in so many young adults. This problem is more prevalent now than ever before. Let’s take a look at the typical breakfast of a teenager. They get up in the morning and the first thing they put into their mouth is either a bagel with cream cheese or butter or a bowl of sugary cereal..... Read More ⇨


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To promotie health and wellness through the delivery of quality food and peace of mind for both camps and parents.